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! I am a polish woman, living in Upper Silesia region. I am a real bookworm and a coffee lover. Also like traveling, meeting new people and cultures. Working as a freelancer, but my background is culture studies. I love being active. Two years ago I started playing capoeira and it is my real passion right now. I also like learning new languages. Right now I'm trying to learn Arabic. I am also collecting bookmarks and magnets. I would love to receive postcards with: - any food or drinks (would be great to see any traditional dishes from ur place) -coffee or tea - books or any culture-connected theme (music, dance, theater etc.) - customs and traditions from your country or region (traditional clothes, holidays traditions etc) - any interesting places from your country (and write, why should I visit this place - maybe this will be my inspiration for my next journey) - people and "people details" like f.e. hands, feet, eyes etc. - any artistic drawings or paintings - beach, desert, seaside, mountains, roads, foggy landscape etc. - animals (but please - not snakes!) - architecture and architectural details (stairs, doors, windows etc.) - anything connected to cosmos, sky, stars, moon etc. - postcard from Greetings From series I also like collage postcards! It would be great, if you could write anything about what is it on the postcard and why u have chosen it!


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