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Hi, I've just started collecting. I am loving this! I enjoy reading, music, binging movies and tv series, Penpals, postcard collecting, playing Songpop classic. Postcard I like; * Lou paper states *Other Lou paper cards * Lantern press poster cards * Lantern press State Parks * Other Lantern Press cards *Famous People * Strange, interesting, unusual cards * Humorous *Animals * Birds * Butterflies, honeybees, dragonflies, ladybugs * Zodiac Libra *Music - I love Aerosmith *Maxi cards *Vintage *Disney *Disney Villains *Movies and TV series * Books *Books and Magazine covers * Mythical things * Magical things * Vampires, Witches, Werewolves, Dragons *MLB *Landmark's *Vintage Cars - I love vintage mustangs *Festivals *Beautiful scenic pictures * Cemeteries * Illustrations, paintings * Real photos *Nostalgic (eg. Norman Rockwell) I'm sure that there are alot more and I will appreciate anything you send me. I am new to postcard collecting. I can not get postcards locally to send out. If you would like to send me some blank cards so I'll have some to send out/ trade your kindness will be greatly appreciated. If you have any questions please ask.❤️???? I like stickers too When you send me a card, please write where the card is being sent from ( state,country,city etc.). Thanks for reading Suzanne

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February 28st, 2023

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