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Hi! My name is Magda, but my friends call me Madeleine or Kanti. I live in a small town in Lower Silesia in Poland. I'm a sports photographer. My passion and greatest love is archery. I practice this sport from 16 years. I also love football. I'm a photographer, site administrator and the biggest fan of my local football team. I love read a books. Especially crimes. My favorite authors are Simon Beckett, Sharon Bolton,Ninni Schulman and Charlaine Harris! I love everything what is associated with France. I LOVE postcards with: - sport (especially Archery and Football) - something associated with France - tea - British Royal Family (especially Harry & Meghan) - photo cameras - Leonid Afremov - Greetings from... - animals (especially little cats) - people: dancing, reading, writing and photographing - rain, rainbows and pretty colors - cartoons and characters from Disney - movies (especially Harry Potter and Hunger Games) - series (True Blood, Suits, ER, The X Files, Grey's Anatomy, House M.D., Rizzoli & Isles, NCIS, Gossip Girl, Once Upon a Time) - sweets (especially cupcakes and macarons) - lighthouse - fire, lightning, fireworks, stars - love and heart - flowers - sunrise and sunset


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