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Hello, my lovely partner Jeanette and I are new members living in Melbourne Australia. We love to look at the cards and pick which card to send next! First of all and most importantly - *Thanks so much for the effort involved in sending a card.* We do appreciate it. The joy is as much if not more in the sending as the receiving! We are happy to participate in Direct Swaps. Please provide your address in your native language for fastest delivery. It's great to hear a little about what you like about living in your city, and your favourite cultural activity. We are grateful for any cards you send - free, advertising, handmade, any kind, it is all good and reflects something special about you, your culture, and where you live. If asked what we like, we would say Vintage, People, Culture, Art, Black & White related themes. We also like to swap maxi cards. Don't worry, we love scenic views too! We don't mind risque, weird and wacky either! Also anything related to Space, Astronomy, Science, Telecommunications tower, is of interest as well. Melbourne is great place to live, mild climate, great cultural activities, and not too crowded. We like attending local theatre productions. Particularly the classics and Australian plays. Another favourite is escaping the city by traveling to the open spaces in the nearby hills and the beach. If you are seeking other information about Melbourne or Australia in general, we are happy to help. We send cards that we would like to receive ourselves. Cards that show our country in the best light - Maybe you will book your next holiday to Australia! We hope you enjoy this truly fascinating hobby. Enjoy it for it is - a bit of fun and the joy of discovering something new! We like to swap maxi cards if any one is interested. Raoul & Jeanette


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November 16rd, 2016

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