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Hello, My name is Marian and I was born on 11 February 1943. I'm a retired fisheries and aquaculture engineer. I have spent my all professional life managing an aquaculture farm with 400ha of fish ponds, in a place called Gorki - where Visula and Nida rivers are meeting. Gorki is a beautiful place, with many hills and unique flora and fauna, particularly water birds. In my free time, my hobbies are hunting and bee keeping. I have a bee hive of over 100 bee families. I like very much world geography,that is why I have joined this Website. Postcrossing is for me a very special way of exploring the world. You would make me very happy if you send me postcards with the following themes: *your country landscapes; *historical and modern buildings/architecture and other famous landmarks from your area;and *local customs and traditions - folk culture, traditional dances and clothes. I also love interesting post stamps from your country. I look forward to receive your card. Thank you and happy postcardhub exchange.


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