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Hi stranger! My name is Melis. (it means honey bee) I'm 25 y.o, living in Istanbul.I’m vegetarian for 6 years. I have a lot of interests, I adore music.Cinema is the most important thing in my life.I like all Kieslowski,Almodovar,Wong Kar Wai,Kusturica,Woody Allen,Tony Gatlif,Lars Von Trier,Bernardo Bertolucci,Ingmar Bergman,Coen Brothers movies. I love Nordic countries(Denmark,Finland,Iceland,Norway,Sweden) I like their culture a lot.It's my dream to visit there in the future.I like the cold,I like the snow,I like the bleakness of winter. I'm a coffee addict.I drink about 8-10 cups of coffee a day,it's like a drug to me.I can't imagine my life without coffee,music&cinema. I just wanna collect something from all over the world.It's nice to find some fun mail in the mailbox:)Already have a fair enough stamp collection,really love it.If you want to help me to expand my stamp collection,it'd be super awesome. I'll be happy to receive any postcard that you like. Here’s some ideas; *Anything ART (I'm a total art freak) *Oil painting / Watercolor painting / Nice illustrations *Anything Cats (but love all the animals) *Space, Universe, Galaxies, Moon, Stars, Sky, Planets (especially Venus and Mars) *Flowers ???? *Communist Leaders *Soviet Union (USSR) postcards *Socialist / Anarchist propaganda *Revolution *Street Art (Banksy) *Erotic, nude, indecent photography/art. YAY! *Black & white / Analogue photography *Vintage / Retro *Old-fashioned stuff (cars,motorcycles,clothing,shoes) *Movie posters / Screenshots from movies *Old Hollywood Stars *Anything coffee related *Gotochi *Inge Löök *Anne Taintor *Vogue *Pin-up Girls *Old Vintage Advertisement *Old-time musicians *Tattoos *Christmas cards *Royal Families *Maximum & shaped cards *Anything unusual *Everything connected with France, Paris. *Harry Potter *Winter & Autumn & Snow Could you please write in your native language a motto on the card for me?(with translate)Please no blank cards.It's pretty boring getting a card with nothing written on it.So take the time to write me.Just''greetings''from somewhere is not enough!Tell me your favourite movie.If you write the name of your fave singer and his/her most famous song I'll search him/her on Youtube. PS.:Please write the date on the card when you send it PS.2:I like stamps,so please use them as many as you can PS.3:I'll be glad to receive with card any small things from your country. Perhaps a bus or a cinema ticket,recipe,little calendars,stickers,stamps,bookmark,tea bag,coffee,coin,banknote,candy,washi tape,chewing gum,newspaper headline or just a picture of you:)Surprise me ♥ PS.4:l’m looking for long-term real deal old fashioned type of penpals from around the world.If you’re interested please let me know See you at the mailbox!


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