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I live in Bucharest and I am the proud mother of a 10 years old boy. I love to travel, my grandma used to say that I am born with "wanderlust". Send me a touristic postcard from your hometown, because, probably, I will not be able to visit all the cities of the world. If your country is a monarchy, I will be happy to "meet" the royal family. If you are from United States, I will be happy to "meet" any of your presidents. If you are from Italy, a postcard with any of the popes is more than welcome. Especially if you write me in your "madre lingua". I am also interested to see faces of people, so if you find a postcard with people in traditional clothes, do not hesitate to send it to me. I love the rivers, the lakes, the falls, the seas, the oceans. So, everything related with - boats, ships, wrecks, lighthouses, fishermen`s life - brings joy in my life. I am lawyer, so if you have a postcard with the court of justice, you know what to do with it. Please, written & stamped and not in an envelope, if possible.


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