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Hello world :) My name is JAN, I'm 39 and I live with my wife in Linz (Austria). My hobbies are travelling, eating food, especially from other countries, planes/airports, trains/train stations, watching Vlogs about countries around the world on Youtube. I'm very interested in how and where other people from around the world live, their national dishes, images about their country/town on the postcard,.... I often do not have the money for travelling, so joining postcardhub is very interesting and exciting for me. I'm very happy about every postcard and I appreciate the time you took and the money you spent on card and stamps. My profile picture shows the beach in Bibione-Pineda, where I spent my summer holiday. So, I'm very happy about YOUR postcard :) Expired (03/18) - please let me know if the card arrives you in the future: #CN105864 Chenyan #US106191 khm*** #PH106127 rubzonline


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