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I am Stacey from Hong Kong. I am a nature lover, especially on plant species. I enjoy travelling, making handcraft of course postcard exchanging. I love Hong Kong and I would like to introduce to you different aspects of it. It is much more than a city! All postcards that I have sent are about HK. I won't send cards from other places. I love to learn about your country therefore any postcard that can represent your City or Country is welcome. Here are some idea for your consideration: -wild plants and animals from your country -natural landscape - card made from different materials (I got recycle paper, plastic, metal, wooden, cloth, cotton fibre. leather, Vinyl records, please surprise me if you have others) -nouvelles images -local food -unique festival -special architecture -with meaningful quote -National Habits I love REAL postcard with stamp on it, I do not prefer card in envelope. Please don't send me Ad card (e.g. those advertising an event), photographs, computer printouts and other folded greeting cards as they are not postcard to me. I would scan all the postcards to my postcard wall.

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