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Hi I am Tinni. I am 17. I live in India. I already posted once for pen pals but don't have many til now. I have about 3 -4. So I'm giving it another go. I really like to write letters. I like cooking and baking and they are my passion. I like shopping and fashion too. I am a music lover. I'm skinny, tanned, 5'6 in height. I like K-pop and Pop. I speak my mind. Even though I'm crazy I am a great listener and friend. If interested send me an email. And i would like to write letters to communicate rather than email. I also like photography and hiking/nature walks. I get hyper with anything that's sour. I can dance , I can sing. I plan to take up culinary arts in college and possibly become a chef. I would like to travel the world someday too. I love reading books. I'm still stuck on teen fiction though. I like to crochet and an a craftsy person so I do a lot of craft like jewelry making, candle making, cards, etc. I like to collect all sorts of postcard and pictures on the postcards. I stick them in my scrapbook. I like them written on.


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