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Female , 24 years old
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Arabic, English, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean

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Landscapes, City, Flags, National Dress, Beaches, Stamps, Industry

All about nisnurul

Hello, I'm Anis from Indonesia. I'm new to postcard exchange, but I like something analogue because I work with computer everyday, so it can refresh my day. I'm really happy when I send and receive a postcard, and when my postcard received by another people there. I spend my spare time by doing my hobbies, like handcrafting, drawing, reading books, learning new languages and sometimes just writing some journals. I like animals, flowers, city, landscape, caricature, architecture themed postcards, so I would be really happy if you send me postcard with those themes. But actually any themed postcard you send is okay, I would be really happy just by receiving your postcard. :)


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December 5th, 2018

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