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Hi, there! Greetings from South Korea. I'm very pleased to join up such a lovely project. I live my husband and a daughter in Seoul, South Korea. I quitted my job and help my sick mom. (1) I'm not a postcard collector yet but I enjoy writing letters to my friends and pals. That's why I signed up for this website. I like reading books, photography (not so often), growing small plants, stamp collection, listening classical music, playing the piano (somewhat), dark chocolate and so on. (2) I want to know what 'galaxy' or 'chocolate' are called in other languages, so I appreciate if you let me know them in your country's language (with pronounces). My real name means 'galaxy' and I love chocolate. (3) I prefer written & stamped postcards without envelope. I'm looking forward to your sincere message on your card. Happy postcard hub~

Korea South

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June 9th, 2017

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